TCL Podcast Ep. 24- Jane Fogg – CrossFit Super Mum

Jane Fogg is a CrossFit super mum who has achieved so much already and is only growing day by day in all aspects of life. She is an aspiring masters athlete, CrossFit Kids Seminar staff member, Manager of Again Faster New Zealand, Accountant, previously a teacher, Coach, and most of all a mother of 3.

Although Jane has her hands in many pies she still makes time to prioritise hers and her family’s health.  She talks about how she makes her ‘Chief Life Meal Plan’ work week to week whilst running around after kids and trying to keep afloat of the weekly workload.

We talk about healthy eating for kids and how she worked with her daughter to help her learn about being healthy and comfortable in your own skin. This has given her daughter a boost of confidence and has changed her world for the better.

Jane talks of many experiences from studying as a mature age student, leaving full time teaching work to shift to part time coaching and accounting for her business with her hubby and with Again faster, training, recovery and injuries, mental strength and more.

Jane really is a super woman and one that already inspires so many women around Australia.


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