TCL Podcast Ep. 23- Tommy Blain – A Different Approach To Small Business

Tommy Blain is the owner of CrossFit HBZ & CrossFit HBZ 4880. He’s located in the Atherton Table Lands (Cairns Highlands) and has managed to open 2 successful gyms within a small communtity of 15,000 people.

Tommy, although still so young, has had his hands in many pies of business.. Experience in film and television, food catering, cafes, State and National sales executive and business development roles. Through these high executive roles he decided he wanted a change of direction, and so Tommy has returned to the way of his heart through spreading the word of CrossFit back in his hometown.

Like most small businesses, getting started can be hard, however Tommy – with his outgoing and positive personality – has put his middle finger up to the norm and created his own methods, through previous career and life experiences, to now be running 3 seperate businesses within 2 years.

Tommy has created his own systems in which he feels favour his clients most. Taking this caring approach has opened Tommy’s gym up to many. He has a respect for money and it’s importance to the average family. His clients now pay only for the sessions they train at each week. To the usual gym owner this might sound ridiculous or extra work, however Tommy has done the ground work and created computer systems to help out with the process. Listen in for what could be a great new solution for your business.

Find Tommy:

Instagram @crossfit_hbz and @crossfit_hbz4880