TCL PODCAST EP. 19 – Ryan Drake – Torus Athletica – People Are Perfect The Way They Are!

Ryan Drake of Torus Athletica will blow your mind. This 22 year old has the wisdom of a 60 year old and the heart of a Country. The things Ryan strives for day to day and what they’re achieving with Torus Athletica is literally saving lives.

Torus Athletica donate 50% of their profits to ‘Watsi’ which then gets put towards life changing health care.

Ryan has a tech background and actually helped us out at The Chief Life a lot when we were kick starting. After attending his first year of university in a marketing course, Ryan discovered that the course was out dated and wasn’t going to aid him in the changes he wanted to make. After which he put himself through a course in software development, and is self taught by asking to be thrown into the deep end with a developer roll at his current employment.

Ryan is a fan of self improvement and chooses to put his time and effort into reading books, watching ted talks and other further studies. He pulls influences from a vast majority however during the podcast there is a special mention of Emma Chalmers, Noah Kagan, Neil Patel, Ramit Sethi as well as Ted Talks from Brene Brown, and Amanda Palmer.

Ryan takes us through a new concept he’s just got a grasp on this beautifully simple idea: “People are perfect…” Learn how you can take this approach and increase the value of your daily living for yourself and those who you surround.

Instagram: @torus.athletica