TCL Podcast Ep. 18 – Ed Morrison – M.C’ing Regionals, working for Norcal, CrossFit in China and many little insights…

Ed Morrison has been M.C at the Pacific Regionals for the past 2 years. Ed being a very humble person explains his beginnings in CrossFit. Decking out his parents backyard in Melbourne and following whatever programming he desired for the day.

Ed explains how he seemed to fall into all of his adventures, however you can hear throughout his conversation he is incredibly smart, passionate and eager for self-success.

It’s Ed’s passion that has earned him a spot on the Level One Seminar Coaching Staff, taken him around the world coaching including the last 6 months in China Working for CrossFit NorCal (NCFIT), plus many more opportunities along the way.

Ed gives us a little insight into his life in China and how it differs from the Melbourne day to day. Most of all the sacrifices and changes to his regular routine. He talks of the superficial luxuries that we have access to and the realisation that he didn’t need that daily ‘X’ to be happy.

Enjoy the episode, we surely did have a lot of fun recording and being with Ed for the weekend.

Find Ed @emorrison1989 on Instagram and follow his adventures