TCL Podcast Ep. 17 – Josh Jones – Odin #JustBeNiceProject

This week we were gifted by the presence of Josh Jones from ‘Odin Sports’. We connected on Skype so bare through the slight echo as Josh is someone you’ll want to listen to.

Josh runs a very successful apparel company and performance centre based in Melbourne. However this is just the surface of what he surrounds himself in. Coming from a low socioeconomic background Josh thrives on helping the less fortunate and has narrowed his help towards homeless Australians. What many people don’t recognise is the different states of homelessness there are with in Australia or for instance how easy it is to be put in that circumstance.

Through the power of his company ‘Odin Sports’ Josh has used his network to create the ‘Just Be Nice Project’ (#JBNProject) Which for every item of clothing sold they will donate an equal product in size needed for the individual within the homeless community.

Odin Sports can also produce and sell your apparel for your gym/business for you and take the stress out of designing, ordering and printing. They are currently running a competition called JBNProject 2016 Mega Offer. For more info go to

On top of that Josh is working hard to collaborate many Non-profits/organisations that offer services to those in need to make sure the help is being delivered where its needed.

This episode is a true heart warmer that will make you want to help. Buy your #JBNProject shirt from

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Instagram: @odin_josh OR @odinsports