TCL Podcast Ep. 16 – Lucy Manion – Australia/New Zealands Fittest 14-15 year old.

Lucy Manion finished 1st in her age division (14-15) for the Australian/ New Zealand regions CrossFit open. Lucy is a quiet achiever & a modest one at that.

Only having a year and a half under her belt in CrossFit we think its fair to say if she keeps at it she will be an incredible athlete and one to watch out for in the open division.

Lucy has no dramas with the sport, just a simple love for it, which makes it so easy to do her thing day by day. Whilst being competitive in other sports growing up Lucy has run into conflict at school with the Head P.E teacher and decider of sport teams having a beef against CrossFit and taking it out on her. This episode is short and sweet just like Lucy.

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