TCL Podcast Ep. 14 – Tammie Sarkozy Musclemania Ms. Figure Universe Pro

Tammie Sarkozy is well known in the world of figure/body building. At top level she achieved Musclemania Ms. Figure Universe Pro in 2015. As well as this, she has an extensive list of experiences and achievements in powerlifting and CrossFit.

Tammie sheds light on her experiences as a figure athlete from training to diet, right through to game (peak) week/day prep.

It wasn’t always an easy ride for Tammie. She talks of bombing out all of her squats in a powerlifting meet, leading her to see a sports psychologist. She explains how those sessions with the psychologist have helped her moving forward with mentally preparing for competitions and shows.

Tammie is part owner of a local Brisbane based gym “All 4 Fitness”. Through the podcast, she dives into her experience of buying a gym, owning a gym, moving locations and dealing with changes within a business.

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