TCL Podcast Ep. 13 – Hangstrong Gymnastics

This week we’re joined by Hangstrong Gymnastics coaching staff Thomas Pichler and Jimmy Whybird. The Boys along side Natan Geva founded Hangstrong gymnastics and have been offering gymnastics courses directed at CrossFit gymnastics and have hosted seminars around Australia and Asia Ever since.

Jimmy has been in CrossFit for 9 years and with a university degree in exercise science he brings a strong understanding of human movement and correctives to the hangstrong team. Through Study and coaching Jimmy Has built up an extensive wisdom within CrossFit which is an incredibly valued offering to the Hangstrong Gymnastics Coaching Team.

Thomas Pichler holds world records in Australian Gymnastics. Making his first seniar national team at the age 18 Tom went on to represent Autralia at 5 national championships. He claims his highlights to be winning gold at his individual floor event and the Australian Males Team winning gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Tom was also the Travelling Reserve for the 2012 London Olympics.

The Boys have A lot of insight into movement, rehabilitation and building an iron body for gymnastics in CrossFit. We talk all levels of fitness and skill and cover over some basic daily drills that everyone could be doing to help strengthen their gymnastics.

Buckle in and prep your note pads as the boys cover over a wide variety of topics.

You can organise a Hangstrong Gymnastics Seminar to come to your gym or find current seminars in a box near you at

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