TCL Podcast Ep.12 – Mitch Sinnamon – Regionals, Games & The Mindset It Takes To Be An Athlete

Mitch needs no introduction, multiple regionals athlete, competed on the team with CrossFit Schwartz’s last year (2015) as they dominated the Pacific region and had a big year at the CrossFit Games.

Mitch coming from a Navy background had his goals of being a ‘Navy Diver’ crushed through a work injury and had to seek out a new lifestyle. The void was quickly filled when he found CrossFit.

Mitch is a genuine guy with a great passion for fitness. Through his willingness to be a better athlete he has moved across states to seek out help from coaches and training buddies to support his goals of competing at the highest level.

Competing at such a high level takes a lot of effort and discipline. We cover over on nutrition, recovery, mindset and training. All of which play a massive role in being a successful athlete.

This year will be Mitch’s second time as an individual at Regionals. We wish him all the best in his prep and for his performance this year.

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