TCL Podcast Ep.11- Gav Crown – Aussie Strength, CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff, Sports Nutrition for a high level athlete and much more…

In this episode we’re joined by Gav Crown, Co-owner of Aussie Strength, Level 1 Seminar Staff, competitive swimmer, fighter, weightlifter and CrossFitter.

With Gav’s vast experiences in varying sports you could say it was an easy progression from A to B. Although he may be somewhat of a natural athlete, things didn’t come easy to Gav. He gives us some insight as to why & how he was successful.

Even after searching for endless help from professionals the results weren’t happening the way they should have so Gav took it on himself to do some study into sport and proper athlete nutrition. Gav’s hard work and willingness to change has created an amazing athlete, businessman, employee and human being.

Listen in as Gav gives up his secrets to how he adjusted his sleeping patterns. Going from very little sleep to a deeper, longer and more rejuvenating sleep. All of which we have now put into place and are working a charm.

Reach out to gave on instagram @gavcrown