TCL Podcast Ep. 10 Darsha.Mia – Be Where Your Feet Are

This week on The Chief Life Podcast we catch up with close friend, great athlete and incredibly inspirational woman Darcia Ondrovcik.

We merely touch the surface of Darcia’s achievements however this hour went so fast and was incredibly moving. What could have been seen as a no hoper from an on lookers perspective Darcia proved how if you are truly determined, you can apply yourself to anything life throws at you and you can overcome any hurdles and be who you want to be.

Coming from an abusive Childhood Darcia could have easily thrown in the towel and lived the dull life that was before her, instead she chose to change her path, live in the moment and take the life reigns. Tune in and find out how Darcia changed her world around.

Some of Darcia’s Sporting Achievements:

-State level junior sprinter. (Boasting a 52 second 400m)


-Regionals level CrossFit Athlete

2011 open – 41st

2011 Regionals – 26th


2013 Regionals as team with CrossFit Brisbane – 6th


2014 Opens – 55th

2014 Regionals – 40th


-National Figure Athlete

2014 – INBA 3rd Open Figure


Figure 2014 – Overall Champion, Miss Figure Australia, Musclemania


You can reach Darcia on social media @darsha.mia


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