#87 – Carl Paoli – Freestyle Connection

Carl Paoli was a competitive gymnast. After finishing up his gymnastics career in 2000 due to frustrations around injuries. Carl moved into action sports such as snowboarding and wake boarding and realised that there was a massive transfer of skills from gymnastics to all sports. This re-sparked the fire in Carl’s belly and led him back into training.

Carl Found CrossFit in 2006 and dove deep into the sport. Carl was able to help the people in his CrossFit Box however new he had more to offer so took it online with GymnasticsWOD.com.  At the time Carl was working out of CrossFit San Francisco under Kelly Starret.

Carl explains that through his connections with Kelly Starret he was able to land a book deal and this unraveled the next phase of his life with the creation of his book Freestyle.

Carl really opens up on this episode and explains his struggles over the years. He rode the wave happy for so long but eventually it crashed down on top of him and he was forced to stop and have a long hard look at where he was and what was most important to him moving forward.

Enjoy Episode 87 with Carl Paoli

Books recommended – Breaking normal – Daniel Eisenman

Seminar Dates:

11/11/2017 – Sydney – CrossFit Northhead

12/11/2017 – Melbourne – CrossFit Moorabbin

14/11/2017 – Gold Coast – CrossFit Boarder

16/11/2017 – Wellington – MaD CrossFit

19/11/2017 – Auckland – CrossFit New Zealand



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Across all Socials: @carlpaoli