#88 – Mason Taylor – Medicinal Mushrooms

Mason Taylor is the owner and director of Super Feast. He created Super Feast after sourcing the best mushrooms and tonic herbs for his own use realised there was a market for it within Australia and the rest of the world so started stocking products and creating his own super blends!

Mason is super passionate about his business and the products on offer. He explains the main health benefits of medicinal mushrooms and why you should introduce them into your diet.

Lions Mane mushrooms are a natural nootropic and massive for brain function and increasing your memory. Reishi mushroom is a relaxing and healing mushroom that has thousands of health benefits. It’s also the most studied herb in the world. Cordyceps mushroom is what they call the athletes mushroom. It boosts libido and is excellent for increasing blood flow. Chaga mushroom is great for cardiovascular health, immune support and detoxifying… These however are just the beginnings of what these medicinal mushrooms can do. Listen in as Mason dives deep into medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs!

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