#85 – Brian Mackenzie – The Art Of Breath

Brian Mackenzie is a world-renowned strength and conditioning expert and the innovator of the endurance, strength and conditioning paradigm. He has studied altitude and hypoxic training for over 10 years, and has run the Western States 100 and is a finisher of the Angeles Crest 100-mile endurance run. He authored the book “Power Speed Endurance”, which specialises in using movement as a diagnostic for sport. He co-authored in his most recent book ‘Unplugged’ in which they debunk the use of technology in sports.  Mackenzie’s program has taught 50+ seminars per year worldwide and has provided free programming via PSE.

Brian Mackenzie enlightened us with the art of breathing and just how effective it can be when done correctly. Mackenzie explains how he has been a part of organizing a study out of Stanford University that looks into the effect of breath and anxiety.

Mackenzie explains how through correctly breathing and using your respiratory system (nose breathing) you are able to heal sickness, increase fitness and so much more. Mackenzie said some studies go to the extent of saying braces can be avoided from a young age with the use of nose breathing and the reduction of mouth breathing.

There are so many cool insights to what to expect at Brian 2017 Art of Breath Tour.

Art of Breath Australia, New Zealand Tour

30th September – Sydney


1st October – Auckland


7th October – Adelaide


8th October – Brisbane




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