#83 – Dr. Andy Galpin – Genetic testing, Muscle Fibres and The Top Supplements For Muscle Performance!

Dr. Andy Galpin runs the human performance lab out of the University of Southern California. Dr. Andy Galpin and his team spend their efforts diving into sports performance. Diving into the deepest levels of the cell molecular level of muscles and how they react to different stimuli. Does it make you bigger, faster and or stronger? Dr. Andy Galpin has the answers!

Dr. Andy Galpin takes us for a look at genetic advantages. Understanding study results and how your perspective can effect the outcome. Fast, slow and hybrid fibers and how to adapt them.

Dr. Andy dives into the release of his new book ‘Unplugged’ (Co-authored with Brian Mackenzie). The book is all about how technology in sports as much as it may be helping in some situations it is also hindering in many others. The common thought of as long as you hit your 10,000 steps for the day your energy quotas are met.

Dr. Andy has a heap of insights and has a playful way of delivering this super helpful information.

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