#81 – Jami Tikkanen – The Training Plan

This week we are joined by Jami Tikkanen of The Training Plan. Jami is probably best known for his coaching of CrossFit Games athlete and 2 times Fittest woman on earth for 2011, 2012, Annie Thorisdottir. Throughout the episode you will hear exactly why Jami coaches champions!

Jami comes from a background in martial arts and breakdancing before moving into Osteopathy and then transitioning into CrossFit as an O.G in 2006. Jami uses his knowledge and love of the body and human movement to help progress his athletes.

When this podcast releases it will be Thursday of the 2017 CrossFit Games. Jami talked to us a week and a bit out.  Jami’s athletes at The Games this year include, Annie Thorisdottir, Frederick Aegidius, Björkvin Karl Gudmundsson, Thuri Erla Helgadottir, Ricky Garrard, Mitch Sinnamon.

Jami is second to non when it comes to not only movement, but also recovery, mindset and athlete longevity. This episode is so valuable to all CrossFitters, whether you’re a soccer mum hitting an hour class a day or an aspiring athlete Jami relates all of his principles to the everyday person and the best of the best.

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