#100 – The Truth About Gluten

WE MADE IT! Episode 100 is a milestone and a massive podcast episode as we deliver you Dr Tom O’Bryan. Dr Tom has spent his years as a Functional Medicine Health Practitioner delving deep into the studies of gluten and its effects on the body. Although Dr Tom looks at the whole system to find the cause his extensive work with gluten is enlightening.

Dr Tom explains the effect for all humans, whether you have previously been diagnosed with coeliac disease, have a sensitivity to gluten or if you have no signs and symptoms.

Dr Tom explains how the stomach breaks down gluten and why it can be so damaging to the gut and the brain.

Dr Tom goes in depth as to how you can naturally cure your gut through the removal of certain foods, the use of foods containing prebiotics and the use of fermented foods to help fertilise and restore the guts health.

Dr Tom divulges information that may come across as quite scary for anyone who is a coeliac or gluten intolerant when it comes to food contamination. You’d be surprised by the numbers within the studies. Just because a product is gluten free, unfortunately it doesn’t mean it’s actually gluten free.

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