Don’t Get Caught Up in the Supplement Shit-storm

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Supplement Shit-storm

Caught up in the supplement shit-storm? When I went to double session training days, I used to hate afternoon training!! I’d power through my morning training sessions, finishing feels refreshed and ready to tackle the day. It was quite the opposite for the afternoons. I’d be slow, sluggish and use any excuse to chat. It was a constant battle to overcome the mess and busy-ness of the day to get my training program completed. What would usually take me 1 ½ hour in the morning, would stretch out to almost 2 ½ hours in the afternoon. With the amount of procrastinating I’d do. That’s when I turned to supplements and pre-workouts to try to get myself through. I thought – If I just have more energy, I can get through. That’s what I have done for the last 2 or so years of my training…


Getting Rid Of Supplements


When you’re caught up in the supplement make a decision. 3 months ago! After a nutritional check-in with Stacey, I made the commitment to completely eliminate all supplements out of my diet and only keep Vivo Active: a high-quality plant-based Protein supplement. At the time, I was having a Berocca twice a day (one first thing, then one again around 11 am), a thermogenic pre-workout supplement, creatine, and BCAA’s. Given my background, I had a good understanding of why I was taking each supplement and what for. I thought the Berocca was just B Vitamins and was good energy support through the day.

Creatine was to help build my explosive power- even though the body already produces it, it can’t hurt to have more right? BCAA’s were to help my recovery so I’m good to go for the next session. I always found caffeinated pre-workouts to jack my heart-rate up too high for CrossFit sessions, so a thermogenic pre-workouts worked better to just get my body warmed and ready to go. I was set! With all these supplements, I was ready to enhance my performance and be the best athlete I could be! Bring it on!


When Caught Up In The Supplements Shit-Storm – Use The Chief Life Protocols


The Chief Life protocols are about being the best and healthiest version of you in all aspects of your life. It’s centred on only fuelling your body with the most natural foods and only doing good things for your health. The more I learnt about the 7 pillars of health, the more I started questioning my amount of supplement intake. It did get me thinking—“What am I really putting into me with these supplements?” In reality, when you read the back of a supplement container, who really knows what they’re reading and the chemicals that are on the ingredients list? I started questioning what I was lacking in my life to make me feel the need for them. Did I need more water? Did I need more sleep?

In the modern supplement industry, many pre-workouts claim to do outrageous things to your body and training performance. I’m sure if they all achieved what they claimed, we’d all be superstar athletes by now. So do we really need them? The truth is if you are turning to a supplement to get you through your day, or your training, you should start to question what you’re really lacking.


Our Meal Plans


The Chief Life meal plans ensure that you are getting the correct amount of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat’s that your body requires to survive, and even to thrive, and to achieve whatever goal you’ve set out to achieve. Instead of grabbing that supplement off the shelf, make sure you are firstly getting in everything your plan has suggested. Are you following The Chief Life protocols first and foremost? I would suggest checking in with the 7 Pillars of Health firstly and see where you are lacking before you even step a foot into the supplement shop.

Since getting away from the supplement shit-storm 3 months ago, I have never felt better! As soon as I stopped taking the Berocca twice a day, my energy levels stay consistent throughout the entire day. I don’t have a decline in energy after a training session and as the pre-workout wears off. I’m much more focused throughout the entirety of my training session now that my brain is no longer foggy and wired from the buzzing of the pre-workout. Yes – I do have a busy life and I do still have moments where I feel flat and am lacking energy. Now, instead of reaching for the Berocca or a pre-workout supplement, I’ll do a 10-minute stretch or meditation to let go of the day and get myself into a training mindset.


A Healthier Mind


If I have a tough session to get through and really need to wake myself up to it, a 1 minute cold shower also does the trick pretty quick-smart! From what I’ve found in the last 3 months of going supplement free, I’m more in-tune and connected to what I am lacking and what I need more. I’d much prefer to find a more natural, healthy option to fit training into my busy lifestyle rather than putting a chemical shit-storm into my body. Wouldn’t you? When caught up in the supplement Shit-Storm improvise for a healthier mind.

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Karina Henwood

After working with Stace and Matty for the last 3 years now and living The Chief Life as best as I could, writing these blog articles gives me the chance to reflect on the changes I have made in my life whilst also sharing some inside tips and tricks in the process. Follow more great advice from Karina here.