Summer and The Sugar Rush

Hello everybody!!

Its almost summer down in Australia and we all know that that means holidays.

For everybody up in the Northern hemisphere, we know you have had your two weeks 😉 but listen up because there will be some information in here for your summer holiday next year 🙂

Generally when summer comes along we all seem to have exotic holiday plans or family occasions to get to. This may seem like a busy event for you but be aware that there are some hidden inconveniences hiding around.

Mentally it seems as though we are out there enjoying the sun and moving a lot more. But in actual fact we are normally rushing off to a relaxing place where we plan to stretch our feet out and relax. Hello summer holidays. Because it’s hot automatically we assume that we are burning more calories and consume a few more cheat meals. This is especially so during the December summer holidays of the Southern hemisphere where Christmas celebrations are thrown into the mix.

Be aware that little voice that always seems to give you permission to eat what you normally wouldn’t eat all because you are on holiday. Beware of that mental talk that justifies eating three separate serving of Christmas lunch is absolutely fine because you will just sleep it off after a few glasses of Pimms.

Be mindful of that little voice that says its okay to crack onto a six pack of beers because you have spent the whole day out on a windsurf board.

So with all of these hidden inconveniences, where does the sugar part come in?

Summer normally brings with it hot weather. Well at least down in the Southern Hemisphere anyway J (Just to wind up all of our snowman friends). This means we want to eat and drink cold stuff. Most of the cold stuff that we eat and drink has loads and loads of sugar on it or in it. We also like refreshing food and drink to. Fruit is ripe and plentiful in summer and we tend to gorge on this too. Fruit is healthy, delicious and fibrous but contains large amounts of natural sugar too. So be aware when you are eating two mangos, a punnet of cherries and half a bag of grapes, that you will most likely be over doing the sugar bit.

There has been a massive movement in the health and fitness industry to produce healthier food brands in shops. There are plenty of amazing options out there that contain whole healthy ingredients, but don’t be fooled by the healthy options. As you know best balance and a calculated meal plan trumps all. Even the healthy stuff can contain sugars to make the taste just that more refreshing.

We are human beings and obviously have to have lives and enjoy ourselves a little. Just be aware that when summer comes along, some of us tend to undo all of our hard work and those gorgeous summer bodies we spent all winter sculpting :). Be aware of your summer sugars.

Rudd Rayns

My passion is to learn from and teach people the ‘Why/How Factors’ to get them to be the best versions of themselves. Follow more great advice from Rudd here.