What’s stopping me?

“I have the Eating Plan all sorted, I have my exercise all planned out for every week. I even went to the shops and bought all of the latest workout gear including a foam roller and the new release trainers from Nike.”


“Okay so maybe it’s my food prep that I need to work on. But why do I lose focus and slip back into old habits after a few weeks into my program?”


Hey there everybody, if you have connected with these statements in your fitness life or most possibly in many other areas of your life then you are known as a perfectly normal human being.


The little part which most of us don’t understand is, to be able to succeed in any of our goals we need to build an emotional connection to WHY we are making all of these life changes.  Once you become emotionally invested in your goal, your brain and body will automatically get you out of bed and straight into completing all of your tasks so that you can have that final goal and end achievement in your pocket and ticked off of that list.


You and YOU alone need to be emotionally invested otherwise achieving a long-term goal of any kind is not going to happen anytime soon or ever.


So how am I supposed to find this emotional attachment to my goal?


Great question! Here is a little tool to use: Ask yourself?


“On a scale of 1-10 how important is it for me to achieve… (Example: Lose Belly fat)?”


If you have an answer of 6 or less, your chances of getting rid of your belly fat are very slim, excuse the pun J. You need to find a way of becoming emotionally attached to your goal so that your answer is a 9/10 without hesitation.


This is how I would do it. Lets say my risk of heart disease skyrockets the more belly fat I get and the less I can get rid of it. I can’t fully engage with my children in sports the way I would like to. I feel really bad about myself because of this belly fat limitation and now my self-esteem is suffering, which has a knock on effect in my family life and now my social life. My negative self-talk is going to slowly start affecting everyone else the more it carries on. Everyone else around me slowly starts to pick up my bad habits, who are now most likely going to follow in my foot steps if I don’t make a change. I am more than likely going to develop other medical conditions the older I get without addressing this problem, which will someday affect my kids and all of the other areas in an even bigger way if they haven’t already started to. I am probably going to be leaving this planet as an unhappy parent.


“So how important is it for me to actually make a change on a scale of 1-10?”


We have now attached an emotional connection to our goal and can ask ourselves again:


“On a scale of 1-10 how important is it for me to achieve my goal?”


Please remember team, once you have found a goal you would like to achieve, place an emotional attachment on it. Then you can work out all of the daily and weekly tasks or routines that you can complete that will get you to achieving your end result.


Step 1: My Goal

Step 2: My emotional connection to My goal

Step 3: Then you can add your SMART Goals structure with daily/weekly steps.


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Responsible, Time Related


“So what’s stopping me now?”




Rudd Rayns

My passion is to learn from and teach people the ‘Why/How Factors’ to get them to be the best versions of themselves. Follow more great advice from Rudd here.