The first 2 photos show the before and after of a 30-day Real Food Experience I did with my gym back in 2015 and everyone got fantastic results!!! My goal was to get down to a particular weight in order to lift in that weight class for Olympic Weightlifting at some point in the future and I achieved my goal through eating real food in the right amounts as we recommend in our meal plans and following a CrossFit program. I went from 60kg to 57.8kg, and decreased my waist and hips each by 5cm… It’s so easy to eat clean and see great results – I love to share my knowledge to help other people achieve their goals too! The final photo is in June 2016 when I decided to see what I could achieve through following The Chief Life meal plans whilst competing in bodybuilding. It was so easy to keep eating this way and with just a few tweaks I managed to lean up enough to compete in the Fitness Category at two separate comps, placing 1st at one and 4th at the other 2 weeks later. The beauty of eating this way whilst shredding for a bodybuilding comp is that I didn’t get sick with any hormones imbalances after, I am still a lean healthy size – even in the off-season.