Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is almost debilitating to your functioning as a human. It wasn’t until I had a few sleepless nights just recently that I remembered just how bad it can be. After having smashed a glass, cut my finger open while chopping vegetables. Losing my mind when my internet disconnected at the café I was working and almost crashing my car due to just not being present. I had to reflect to see just what was happening. The worst realisation of this was that unfortunately, this state of tiredness is just some peoples normal.


Causes of Sleep Deprivation


Sleep deprivation can cause your reaction times to be slowed by up to 3 times the amount. In fact, over 100,000 vehicle crashes per year in America alone are due to sleep deprivation and a slowing of human reflexes.  Research shows in cases of sleep deprivation over long bouts of time can lead to chronic health conditions. Conditions such as cardiovascular issues, arrhythmia, high blood pressure and diabetes.


As sleep is the time in which the body recovers, lack of sleep can lead to injury. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation will take years off of your life, both physically and mentally. Not only will it age you but sleep deprivation can also play a big part in fat gain. Or at least stop you from dropping weight.


Many studies, in fact, show just how bad a lack of sleep is for testosterone levels… But, this isn’t only for the males. Everyone’s libido is affected by the amount of sleep they get. And, if a lack of sex or sex drive doesn’t depress you enough then the lack of sleep definitely will. In fact, those diagnosed with insomnia are 5 times more prone to depression and anxiety.


Ever woke after a bad night’s sleep and felt like you’re hungover or have a cloud around your head? That’s because you practically do… When you get into REM sleep (deep sleep) your body not only repairs itself. But will also take the time needed to filter through the mental junk. Keeping the information deemed important and chucking out the rest… Without adequate sleep, your brain doesn’t get to cleanse itself and is left with the day/s garbage polluting your cognitive power.


So, how do you fix it?


Blocking fake light… With the use of blue-blocking glasses, you help to set your brain up for a good night’s sleep. The blue and green lights emitted from the night lights and the screens is enough to throw your circadian rhythm out of whack. Leading your brain to think it should still be awake rather than winding down for the day. By wearing BluBlox blue and green light filtering glasses, you will eliminate a lot of the bad light and finally get a great night’s sleep. Use the code ‘TCL’ for a 10% discount.


Setting up a better sleep routine… What are the last things you do before bed? Are the same every night? Does your body actually know when it’s bedtime? By setting a routine and doing it every night before bed you will start to get your body into a state of relaxation and a better state for sleep. Things like having a shower, doing some stretches or breathwork, reading a book or making love with your partner are all ways to help you unwind from the day.

Your sleep environment… This is a massive one. If you’re trying to sleep in a light-filled, hot room you’re more than likely going to have a bad night’s sleep. Blackout curtains are available reasonable cheaply and can help to block all outside lights. The use of some duct tape or electrical tape can be used to block off all internal lights. Turning your phone to flight mode and removing all computers will be incredibly beneficial for removing unwanted electromagnetic fields (EMF) from your room. Setting the temperature of your room slightly cooler will help you to get a great nights sleep.


Use Nutrition to help Sleep Deprivation


Fix your nutrition… Nutrition plays a massive roll in how you function daily and in turn how you sleep of a night time. High levels of inflammation within the body can lead to acute and chronic injury/disease. This will also affect your sleep. By taking an approach to your food that balances the macronutrients out and in turn helps to satiate your body and return your hormone levels to a normal state, you will see some of the deepest sleep you’ve had. See more options on personalized nutrition at

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