Shannon's weight loss transformation


Hi, my name is Shannon and I’m 24 years old!
Before this “challenge,” my diet wasn’t the best! I would eat okay during the day but dinners and weekends would be a blowout. It consisted of eating crap like Maccas, chocolate, lollies etc and not having proper meals, I would more so snack throughout the weekends. My mindset wasn’t the best either. I would have one “bad” meal for example and I would think “I stuffed up my diet, I’ll start again tomorrow” and I would continue to eat like crap. This was an ongoing cycle.

Shannon’s Weight Loss Transformation – The Struggle Part

I was getting bigger and bigger and feeling less confident and happy with myself! I would hide behind bigger clothing, I would have to check what size my worktops were as my “small” worktop was tight on me and I hated how I felt in the top! Also, before this challenge, I “completed” many other challenges throughout previous gyms and I would never stick to it. I just continued in my old ways of eating whatever I wanted and my mindset was still very poor.


But then I joined the Chaalk Box gym and my best friend convinced me into doing the challenge, with The Chief Life. I thought I needed to do something before I get married in 2019 as well as fixing my health! Hopefully, I started this challenge worried that I wouldn’t stick to it and keep doing my bad habits! I was soooo wrong!! Fast forward 8 weeks on The Chief Life’s food plan and I have dropped 12.1kg, lost 4.6% of body fat and only dropped 0.8g of muscle loss. I have gained my confidence and happiness back as well as not having to look at what size my worktops are anymore! I honestly can’t wipe the grin off my face!


Thank you to The Chief Life for changing my life!!







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