I took my 4wk results this morning…
I’m so happy to say I’ve lost 5.4kg in 4wks of 100% of following your plan!!
My goal was to try and get to 62kg and didn’t really want to go lower cos of my age and the skin, it’s lost its elasticity around the tummy where I have had 2 children any lower then I look like a balloon that’s been let down where it goes all wrinkly and stretch marks haha… I’m happy with the weight now, I didn’t think I could tone up or lean out without the side effects of my wrinkly skin but within just 4 weeks I did this!
In 4wks  of being 100% committed and had no coffee at all (used to drink 4 a day) and no alcohol which I also had at weekends,
My perimenopausal symptoms have gone – literally gone !!!!!!
My periods were absolutely bliss this month as they normally give me hell! I ache and have sugar cravings and in pain for 2-3 days…
I had none this month wand the only I’ve changed is following The Chief Life Plan!
I loved the meal plan and could actually stay on it forever haha.
I feel I have learnt a lot and can see where I have gone wrong in the past. Thanks for the knowledge and support!
My starting weight was 67.5kg and I finished at 62.1kg (once again in only 4 weeks 🙂 )
I can’t thank you guys enough for the plan and the constant support on the members FB page! The members page is so valuable to me. To have instant access to you and the coaches helped me stay committed.
Thank you, I couldn’t do this without the support!