TCL Retreat Wrap Up

TCL Retreat Wrap Up

“I’ll just go to support Matty and Stacey”. I thought to myself when Stacey first shared her excitement of planning The Chief Life (TCL) Retreat at Wybalena Farm, near Brunswick Heads. Being part of their ambassador team, and having the pleasure of working with them for 3 years now. I wanted to show my support to Matty and Stacey on their first-ever TCL Retreat. Little did I know, what I would get out of the weekend was so much more than just showing my support to them.

As the 12th April drew closer, my need to disconnect from the outside world grew larger. As the demands of educating high school students and stressing my body through CrossFit training took its toll. We drove down winding country roads, above bridges crossing over running creeks and out of mobile phone service to get to Wybalena Farm-stay. Bliss was in the air and I got the feeling that I’d get much more out of this weekend than first anticipated.


TCL Retreat


We started the weekend coming together as a group for a relaxing afternoon tea and the ambience of the weekend was set. A group of like-minded people had come together all with a common goal. Which is, to disconnect from their individual lifestyles and to learn how to reconnect to their true and higher self. Some nervous, some excited, but all with the same agenda. To have a shut-off from the usual everyday hassle and bustle plus to achieve something greater within.

The weekend retreat saw a wide range of activities, such as yoga, meditation and farm-yard fitness. Mixed in with plenty of downtimes, plenty of time to explore the farm-stay. Also, plenty of opportunities to have some time on your own. Understanding that the average person’s life in this day and age is usually jam-packed. Every event Stacey and Matty had planned for the group was purely optional. There was no judgement if you wanted to listen to your body and your soul and chose to not do something. In fact, it was welcomed.


Every Option Was Important.


For me, day 1 saw 5 naps across the day! It was obviously what my body needed and was welcomed. In between the naps, I still participated in everything that was set out for the group. I benefitted the most from the informational workshops. As an ambassador, Stacey and I work through the 7 Pillars of Health in every one of our weekly catch up calls. Having done so much work on them and already know the gist of what they’re trying to get across with the Chief Life tribe, I asked Stacey. “Is it worth me going to the 7 Pillars of Health workshop? Am I really going to get any more information out of it?” Stacey assured me I would. Trusting in what she always suggests to me, I did it and went in with an open mind.


7 Pillars of Health on the TCL Retreat

Stacey and Matty are a couple who eat, sleep, breath and live The Chief Life protocols they’re putting out to their tribe. The TCL Retreat workshop showed this! The outpouring of information and knowledge they shared in this workshop was phenomenal. A lot of the information they gave provided me with a much deeper understanding of the protocols and showed the importance of all 7 pillars- not just one. Although they are a nutritional company. They showed that there is so much more involved in achieving your personal optimal health. By offering suggestions on not only achieving goals in food, fuel and performance but for being the best version of you. None of it was a plan that you had to stick to. But more so, they are the tools to achieving it. It was then up to us to decide which resonated with us more individually and try that.


Refreshing Benefits of The TCL Retreat.


The rest of the weekend built from there as everyone connected in deeper with themselves. We all opened our hearts to receive the peace and love Stacey and Matty were giving out. At Wybalena farm-stay, the air was fresher, the stars were brighter and the feeling of the sun shining down on the face was warmer. The benefits of a weekend disconnecting from the everyday stresses of work, family and general life were felt by all and the glorious effects were sensed for weeks afterwards. For me, it was clearly beyond my expectations! After spending the weekend giving back to myself and refilling my cup, I was refreshed and ready to give back to the demands of my work and life.


Author: Karina Henwood

Karina Henwood

After working with Stace and Matty for the last 3 years now and living The Chief Life as best as I could, writing these blog articles gives me the chance to reflect on the changes I have made in my life whilst also sharing some inside tips and tricks in the process. Follow more great advice from Karina here.