I always thought I had healthy eating habits and not needed extra help of a nutritionist. Four weeks ago I started to follow strictly a meal plan from @thechieflife and not only my body changed A LOT but I never felt as good as I’m feeling in training. I feel so light and strong! Couldn’t ask for any better combination!

The first week was the hardest, I had to change so many concepts in my mind and admit I knew nothing about nutrition. I felt hungry few times, craved for donuts and ice cream SO many times but I hold myself strong and stick to the fruit sugars (all under control, not dates but apples and pears instead ????????????).

Then it got a bit easier but I still have those moments when all I want is to eat a bag of chocolate balls but I am learning slowly to say NO to the temptations (most of the time ????). I’m happy to see what my body is capable of by making some small changes with my lifestyle. Thank you to The Chief Life for playing a big part in my journey