recurring membership review

Recurring Membership Review

Looking back at the benefits of a recurring membership review am happy to share this. With a background in general fitness, team sports, and CrossFit. I always thought I had everything ticked activity-wise.

I thought I ate quite well, enjoyed the occasional drink with friends in social situations. Also, I lived a busy life being a parent, however, aren’t we all? (Busy I mean)… This is normal right? We are supposed to be busy and running from A to B. Having no real-time for what we want, let alone what we need – (sleep, family time, mental health days, relationships) they all just went on the back burner…

Trying to hold all my s#!t together was exhausting. Because I knew if I dropped something everything would unravel…  I’m a woman and a perfectionist, I should be able to cope! This was my way of thinking! Just keep going, keep training hard with no recovery. Keep suppressing emotions from a failed marriage… It will go away, keep ignoring your hormones and body signals because what would they know. Keep being busy so you don’t have to think about the bigger picture.

This got me only so far… Then, like many of us, even though we hate to admit it – I burnt out! This landed me in the hospital, had severe leaky gut, constant abdominal pain and weakness throughout my entire body… And I was so angry with it, my body that is! I called it every name under the sun!

Until I realized and started to understand the underlying cause…

It’s like when everything aligns after a few weeks and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You start to feel better. You have caught up on some sleep. Therefore your days don’t feel as long and you don’t seem to crave that dreaded food, sugar or caffeine to help pep you up. Your training is more focused, you’re not constantly on a short leash with your emotions and you feel a little more human.


Benefits of being consistent with The Chief Life recurring meal plan and membership support!


This is what I found after being consistent with The Chief Life recurring meal plan and membership support! The thinking was taken out of the equation for me allowing me to then concentrate on more import things in my life, like my daughter and my health. The constant support and guidance from Stacey, Matty, and the team was amazing! The members’ page is inspiring and makes you that bit more accountable and part of a bigger plan. It is easy, effective and the benefits are huge! For me, the ripple effect throughout my life was the biggest reward! I learned to really take care of myself, valuing the 7 pillars to construct my beliefs around rather than numbers on the scale was really beneficial. Yes, I still have my days and I hope I do, we are human after all! However, it just cements how important feeling, eating and valuing my health is and what I need to put myself first in some areas so I can be the best Mother, partner, and coach I can be.

We all need a little help along the way, don’t stop yourself from living a full life just because you think you should know all the answers, let your guard down, ask the damn questions and regain your power!!! That’s how recurring membership review paid off.

Author: Nicole McDermott

Nicole McDermott

I am passionate about working with people on a holistic level to balance hormones, improve mood, manage weight all whilst educating people on the benefits of a balanced whole foods diet. Follow more great advice from Nic here.