A Powerlifters Prep For Nationals!

I’ve got nationals next Friday in Melbourne. It’s been a quick turn around from States, so I effectively been in a prep program since January. This means low rep, high weight, four-five times per week, plus accessories working on growing specific muscles to increase those lifts. Nothing aesthetic, not conditioning and next to no cardio, other than a few mental clarity walks when I need them (maybe once per week). This is my sport and I love it.
I have been competing now for about four years and I normally do these preps with weight jumping all over the place. I weight myself every day to see where weight is because I compete in the under 56kg category. Yes, I could just go up to the 60kg category, but for me, keeping myself accountable to the 56kg category works for me for health reasons and it’s the size I want to be. Most preps, my weight fluctuates from 57-59 in the weeks leading up, then I have to cut a bit of food, maybe stop eating for the 24 hours before just to get the scales under the 56. It’s not ideal, but I carry quite a bit of muscle mass.
I have also tried every style of eating plan. I started with you guys last year and my lifts went up in strength, but my weight took a little while to stabilise due to hormonal challenges. This year, along with some genetic testing which allowed us to tweak my intake even more, I have sat consistently at 57kg. Every morning, I get on the scales and it is exactly the same. This has been happening consistently now for two-three months. It’s like everything finally fell into place.
I’m that person that applies a great deal of self care. I treat myself like an athlete when I am in prep. I see my chiropractor every fortnight (this is non-negotiable), I see my massage therapist every fortnight, I follow the food concepts 100%, I do not touch alcohol and I ensure my sleep is perfect. I fit this around running two business and doing the single mum gig.
My point is this –
1. your system works, but you have to trust the process, listen to your body and allow it time to heal.
2. You need to know your map, everyone is different and
3. If you want it bad enough, it can be done, your why just needs to be big enough, scary enough and important enough. And you have to actually stick to it!
So I want to say thank you for being so passionate about what you do and being so relentless in chasing your vision. It has allowed me to stay true to mine in both a business and also personal sense. Tyler and I both follow the principals of TCL as do my kids. And, it’s actually not hard once you drop the excuses, step towards the thing you fear most and embrace it. Wish me luck for next Friday! I’ll be eating my way all the way to weigh in 
Chantal Coleman of Ritual HQ!

Matthias Turner

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