Movement and Relaxation for Busy People

Today, we feel like we need to be moving at 100 miles an hour to be successful, this even includes our exercise. What would happen if we saw exercise more as movement and circulation rather than sweat and tears. Don’t get me wrong, I use to love the rush of ending up on my back after a workout and I still allow this every now and then, however as I have matured in mind and body I have found incorporating a range of movements like Yoga, meditation, walking, strength and a little intensity here and there now works best. How do we start to slow down though? What if we feed off this rush, is this a good thing? And can we get it else where?

What if I told you meditation and stillness of the mind can offer something similar! Creating mindfulness, visualisation, meditation, mantras and setting intentions are all methods of reinforcing a positive psychology to help you to manage stress and maintain your sense of self and happiness through our somewhat stressful and busy lives.

Like anything new this takes practice, time and commitment, however the rewards in the end are well worth it. It can be as simple as making time for 10 slow deep breaths on waking and before going to bed each night. Consider downloading a mindfulness app to your phone or even a meditation guide to help with the awkward silences in the beginning. For those who like affirmations, write down some positive affirmations and say them aloud in the mirror everyday. This may sound silly to some but it can be a powerful way to keep your mind positive when stress and doubt begin to creep in.

Remember to make time for things you enjoy and make a conscious effort to slow down the pace of your life. Simple things like eating breakfast outside, turning off your phone on a Sunday, enjoying a tea with friends in the sun, laughing and spending some time in nature all have a profound impact on the body and mind and in turn promotes relaxation.

These techniques sound simple, which they are! However like anything, it takes time and prioritising that can be difficult, but not impossible. Try one for yourself today and edge closer to a slower and more enriching life.

Nicole McDermott

I am passionate about working with people on a holistic level to balance hormones, improve mood, manage weight all whilst educating people on the benefits of a balanced whole foods diet. Follow more great advice from Nic here.