kick the cravings

Kick the Cravings!

Kick the cravings! Ever find yourself elbow deep in a packet of chips when you’re not hungry?

Have you looked in the fridge like the answers to the universe are back there somewhere but all you find is Granny’s old Christmas cake??

We know our goals! We see the big picture. That dress, that holiday, that extra mile, that extra set, it’s all ours for the taking! We meal prep, macro count and burpee all week! But suddenly… the craving hits…

… we look at Granny’s crusty old cake… and we go get a fork!

Why Though?!


Well, of course, everyone is different.

Your hormones, activity levels, personality type, metabolism, sleep and even microbiome can all affect your cravings.

But here are two factors I want to focus on today… why?

Because you can put them into immediate effect!


  1. Many unnatural/packet foods are enhanced with chemicals and hyper concentrations of sugar and sodium. This is to give your brain a big old hit of happy chemicals. Yay! Food companies typically design products to manipulate your biochemistry so that you crave and buy their food. No hate. These people are just trying to pay their rent and feed their pet turtle, Snappy. But having awareness of what’s going on will empower you to make the right choice for YOU at that moment.


  1. Feeding is ‘In-put’. It is one of the only ‘in-puts’ we are forced to do in daily life. Most of the must-do demands on us require ‘out-put’. Go to work, do that assignment, coach the soccer team, solve your bosses problem, pick up the kids, work out, do the groceries, keep up with Game of Thrones, pay the bill, call your mum, the list goes on and on. The demands of modern-day life are mounting and by the time we do what we HAVE to do, there’s little time for ‘extra’s. For ‘in-put’. Like getting that massage, meditation, swapping out a CrossFit class with a yoga session, taking a bath, writing your book etc.


Soul Food…

If you get to the weekend and blow out, or sneak your room-mates Tim Tams at night… Could your body be trying to correct an energetic balance between your input and your out-put? The food craving may not be coming from physical hunger, but a metaphysical hunger.  Your ‘soul’ is hungry for more of you. More of your time, more of your care, more of your kindness. Feed that need and slowly, you might just see those cravings fading and your six-pack emerging!


One of my favourite authors Geneen Roth says that we will heal the gaps in our hearts when we come home to ourselves. You don’t really want the ice cream Sunday, you want your life to BE the ice cream Sunday!


How can you come home to yourself today, and feed the real need? What do you need to do to kick the craving?


If you think you’d benefit from some extra ‘input’, or want some more information about emotional/addictive eating, The Chief Life has got you covered. Check out the link below for information on our Nutrition Coaching to get you to the next level!



With love and kale,

Bec Breeds

The Chief Life Nutrition Coach.


Bec Breeds
Bec Breeds