Results from “Chief Up 4 Week Challenge” January 2017

And the 4 week results are in!
Start to Finish:
Weight 68.7kg – 66.7kg = 2kg Loss
Waist 79cm – 90cm = 3cm loss
Hips 93cm – 90cm = 3cm Loss

I am pretty happy with the results I have gained within the four weeks.
My goal wasn’t based on weight loss but more so to get my “mojo” back after the Christmas break, and this four weeks did just that!

I actually feel like the chief life plan is apart of my way of living now, I wasn’t 100% strict in the 4 weeks but in saying that I was still able to have chief life balanced meals while eating out with the girls or the hubby!
Performance wise, I’ve been really hard on myself but looking back on my tracker I’ve actually killed it in the last four weeks! 😂

My running has improved big time! That’s a massive goal for me this year as it’s something that I’ve always struggled with in WOD’s, I swear 400m puts me in heart attack zone 😂
Something I was a bit surprised with was the improvement with gymnastics movements, getting out my first strict dips/ strict handstand push ups and handstand walk!

Overall I am one happy mum! 💃🏻👌 This challenge has been the kick up the ass that I needed this year
Massive thank you to Stacey Lee Harris & Matthias Turner for this programing, it’s one thing to produce a plan for us but your support and encouragement is above and beyond awesome! I personally don’t think I would have stuck with it and done as well as I have without your help. ☺

I hope everyone else is just as happy with their results as I am with mine and I hope to see you all in the life members page kicking chief ass in the future.