how to include intuition in our daily life

Intuition Part 2

How do we include intuition into our everyday life? See part 1 of the blog. Since we’ve spent so long ignoring or dismissing this aspect of the self, how do we now successfully re-integrate it into our practical decisions? The answer is simple: dialogue it.

The conscious is an expert at logic and will use it relentlessly. Conversely, the unconscious mind searches through the past, present, and future and connects with hunches and feelings in a nonlinear way. Its process is cryptic to the logical mind, as it defies the conventional laws of time and space. Now, can we really know how to include intuition into our daily life? Yes, you can!


For example:

You: What should I wear today?
Your Unconscious: Yellow.
You: Yellow what?
Your Unconscious: I don’t know, just something Yellow.
You: Why?
Your Unconscious: Feels good.
You: But I have an interview today; isn’t yellow is too bright?
Your Unconscious: You’re missing the point.
You: What’s the point?
Your Unconscious: You like yellow. It makes you feel happy.
You: What has happiness got to do with this?
Your Unconscious: Everything.
You: How?
Your Unconscious: just trust me on this.

Perhaps in doing this, you simply feel good and exude more confidence in your interview, that you then receive the job based on this. Maybe your interviewer loves yellow and enjoys that you were not wearing black. Perhaps the colour is what makes you stand out from so many others. The point is, you listened to your instincts and made your decision, without worrying about the logical reasons why.


How Do I implement Intuition Into my Daily life to Get the changes I Need?


Here are three ways to listen to that internal voice and allow it to guide you in everyday life:-

1 – Keep a Journal. Writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper even if you think you have little to say, this helps the no conscious mind open up. You may find you’re writing words and phrases that don’t make sense to you or stir emotional responses rather than intellectual responses.

2 – Turn Off Your Inner Critic. Oftentimes we rationalize away those voices within. This time, listen without judgment. Allow the inner dialogues to happen without fear of ridicule.

3 – Find a Solitary Place. A place where you can allow emotions to flow freely is an imperative part of finding and retaining the building blocks of intuition. Here you may also want to create an emotional connection to an object, a colour, a piece of music or literature anything that will allow feelings to stir that are solely from within.

These three exercises will aid you in creating a new, deeper relationship with the self, help clarify that inner voice, and allow you to bring your true instinctual awareness back into your rational everyday life.

Do you listen to your inner voice? Why not start with some of our amazing youtube tutorials relating to health and wellbeing by clicking the link below. This may give you the head start you were looking for.



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