in the mood for food part 3

In the Mood for Food ~ Part 3

Welcome to week 3 of getting in the Mood for Food!

If you missed the last two weeks, easy! Just jump on The Chief Life website and read parts 1 & 2 of the series on The Chief Life Blog!

Quick recap, to digest food and absorb nutrients properly, we need to be in REST & DIGEST mode!

SO much of the conversation surrounding nutrition focuses on WHAT we eat. But if we don’t support our digestion, then that food can’t be utilized and processed properly anyway! This is why we shining the spotlight on HOW we eat, and how to get into the Mood for Food!

Now that we have explored a little about WHY to eat in REST and DIGEST mode, we need to talk about how.
And it’s actually really easy. All it takes is a little time commitment.

To be in the mood for food – Get those juices Flowing by using…

The Cephalic Phase

Indulge the senses! Smelling, seeing and touching your food makes your mouth water. If your mouth is watering, so are your digestive juices! Help in the kitchen, get up close and personal with food prep and the whole eating experience. Take a moment to breathe in the flavours before you dive in.


As discussed last week, breathing is your STRESS override switch. Four deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth will tell your body that everything is okay. It can relax into REST & DIGEST mode.

Sit Down!

I know it’s hard but seriously, try not to eat ‘on the go’. Wait until you can sit down at the table and focus on the food.

Push into Pleasure

Food is one of the ways we nurture ourselves. It’s not just fuel for the body, but for the soul. We output so much that when we allow a little input, you should be there for it. Enjoy the flavours and textures and the moment of downtime. Nurture yourself.


Be mindful of the process the food went through to get onto your plate and the part you play in the great circle of life. Yes Simba, we are all connected, connect to your food!

Remove distractions

Phones, work, computers etc can all heighten your stress receptors and divert energy and resources away from digestion. Light reading or conversation, on the other hand, doesn’t.


It’s not a race, there isn’t a medal at the end. How fast you eat doesn’t make you awesome, just gassy! Grinding the food properly makes it easier on our stomach and helps you with smooth digestion. Buh Bye post-lunch bloating!


Enjoy a meal in the old fashioned way, around a table with friends and family. Have a laugh take your time. There’s nothing like feeling the love and safety of a great bunch of people while you share a meal. It drives the message home that you are in REST & DIGEST mode.

You see why HOW now?

So, I hope by now you can see why HOW we eat is just as important as WHAT we eat. Maximize your results by tuning into your eating experience. Set a boundary of respect around meal times as much as possible and push into the pleasure of the experience.

What’s not to love?

Dive a little Deeper…

For more on finding your Happy Place to enhance your digestion, listen to The Chief Life Podcast below.

And if you want more on mindful eating, PLEASE listen to this podcast between Oprah and my guru Geneen Roth!



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