In the Mood for Food ~ Part 2

In the Mood for Food ~ Part 2

Stress is like soccer boots…


So last week we started the conversation about digestion and the importance of getting in the Mood for Food!

Quick recap, to digest food and absorb nutrients properly, we need to be in REST & DIGEST mode. 

The problem these days is that STRESS is more subtle, subjective and pervasive. As seen in the part 1 series of this blog

Indulge me for a moment…

Greg is a Neanderthal. He lives in a cave and just discovered fire last week. Lit. Greg doesn’t have to worry about his work deadline or taking the perfect selfie. But he does have to worry about how he and his family will find food this winter and if he is going to be eaten by a Saber Tooth Tiger.


Oh, how times have changed!


In the modern world what makes us feel threatened or stressed isn’t as obvious or easy to compartmentalize as it was for Greg. Sometimes we are threatened with physical danger, but most of the time these ‘threats’ are things we ‘feel’ or perceive. Your body is smart, but it doesn’t know the difference between the stress in our heads or the stress in our environments. It reacts the same way to help us survive the best it can.

This doesn’t mean these ‘perceived’ threats aren’t very real to us. We just have to learn how to manage them so our bodies don’t always have the ‘stress’ switch on.

Stress is like Soccer Boots…


We put them on for the game to help give us traction, but we don’t wear them around the house, to work or to bed. Living with the stress switch ‘on’ is like never taking off your soccer boots. They serve a great function when required, but end up being destructive and worn out when overused.

You may not be able to escape the environments that cause you to stress, but you can learn to manage yourself better within them? Most stress is really a state of mind. A decision to resist the circumstance you’re in, or accept if for what it is and move forward.

So what does that look like to be in the mood for food?


“Okay, it is what it is, so what now? How can I take responsibility and become proactive in this situation? Solution-oriented? What do I do to move from victim to Victorious? How can I learn to enjoy the process? How could life be happening FOR me, not TO me?”

I’m not a guru, all (I think) I know is, that the only thing you can really control in this life is the way you look at it. Your own state of mind.

This week, continue to be aware of how you operate. How you eat. Are you on the go, shallow breaths, tight shoulders, on the phone, at your desk, driving, rushing? Or are you calm, centred, grounded, chewing, tasting, enjoying? And last but not least…

To get in the mood for food, Just BREATHE!


Breathing is your secret weapon. Long deep breaths are a mechanical way to override your stress mode and switch you into rest. If nothing else, learn to breathe. Do it in the car, at your desk, grocery shopping, as you walk whatever!

If you struggle with breathing or want to know more, Check out these links to The Chief Life Podcast, apps and youtube clip below… Personally, I have used the BREATHE ap which I love.


Thanks for reading and tune in next week for our Third and Final part on the series!

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