TCL Top Picks for Good Gut Health

All disease starts in the gut – Hippocrates

That’s right. About 70% or more of the body’s immune system resides in our digestive system alone. That means that if your gut is unhealthy it could result in a lot more than poo pains!

The gut sends signals to parts of the brain that are responsible for self-awareness, emotion, morality, fear, memory and motivation. Unhealthy guts have also been linked to a variety of diseases including (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, autoimmune disease, diabetes and cancer.

We have over 100 trillion bacteria living within out gut (microbiome). These bacteria play key roles in reducing inflammation and feeding/sending messages to our brain. Naturally if the bacteria are unhealthy, the messages will likely be the same and our bodies are not going to respond well.

Your microbiome is impacted from that first mastication of food in the mouth all the way down to its final exit out the back passage. All the while your body is absorbing the good that it needs and even though it’s working tirelessly trying to remove the bad sometimes it can’t help but absorb a little of that bad stuff too.

Stay on top of your gut health and give yourself the best chance at remaining disease free.

Here are our top picks for improving your gut health:


The word “probiotics” is derived from Greek language, which means “for life”. Probiotics are live micro‐organisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host. Probiotic organisms influence the physiological and pathological process of the host by modifying the intestinal microbiota, thereby affecting human health. They usually come in a capsule or powdered form that are administered orally


Pre-biotics are the food which probiotics feed off, it promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Pre-biotics can be found naturally in foods like raw onions but can also be purchased in a powder form that you can add to your smoothies or breakfast bowls

Bone Broth

A stock made from bones and vegetables that is generally brewed for 24 hours or more. It is rich in protein and minerals and is great for immunity and healing. If you have a slow cooker at home then this is one gut health recipe that you need to try


This is simply fermented tea that contains good bacteria and organic acids that help to energize and potentially heal. There are plenty of supermarkets and health food stores that sell this by the bottle now. You can even brew one yourself at home if you can get your hands on a S.C.O.B.Y (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast)


A fermented milk that contains a wider range of good bacteria. Health food stores and supermarkets also sell this.


Low calorie and high fiber, fermented vegetables, usually cabbage. The healthy bacteria in Kimchi promote digestion. You can make this yourself at home with some cabbage and salt or you can also purchase like the above from a supermarket or health food store.

Amanda de Souza
Amanda de Souza

My health and fitness journey began in 2012 and although I am still a work in progress I am learning more every day and want to educate others as much as I can. Follow more great advice from Amanda on Instagram.