Focusing on the Negatives!


Shit happens. At times you won’t be able to control what food you eat. Some days you won’t be able to train, however what matters is that you don’t dwell on these ‘negatives’ and that the focus is always on getting back to the positives.

Now don’t fool yourself out of your eating/training regime by telling yourself ‘you’ve worked so hard, you deserve it.’ You need to break habits and you need to fight for the greater picture/end goal.

Going to dinner with a bunch of friends at a steak house and one friend says ‘Oh you can’t have a steak without a good glass of red.’ You need to target your inner self-control and call bullshit on the situation. If you give in to every arm-twist from your friends/family then sorry to say but you’re doomed (metaphorically speaking).

Next time you want to cheat be it with food or alcohol, do it in front of the mirror. Dependent on who’s in the house and how drastic you want to be, strip down to your undies and look yourself in the eye… See how bad you want that.

What I’m talking about are the variables you cannot change. You go out for dinner with a group of friends and they’ve selected Sushi. Not a drama, rice is a carbohydrate, fish is your protein and mayo/avocado is your fats. What you need to be conscious of is not going for the deep fried octopus ball, crumbed chicken, spring rolls or dumplings. The point is the western world is changing and healthy options are available everywhere. Most menus have gluten free available now, so the choice is up to you to make.

I can’t eat everything on the menu, however I can still have a delicious healthy meal out with my friends and enjoy their company.

It’s often found that friends and family will be the first people to tell you of their opinion. You can’t do that. You’ll never have that. You’ll give up or even the Ol’ I’m concerned with what you’re eating. First things first, put your judgment eyes on and ask yourself if they lead the life you want to live? Their shape and size, their dedication to their own health and their livelihood. If the answer is yes then consult with them and explain your reasoning and listen to theirs. If no, then you need to stick to your guns and ask for their support even if they’re not going to join in with you.

You’re going to miss lifts in the gym and some days you’re going to expect better results in the gym than what you can deliver/perform on the day. The biggest thing to do is not get down on yourself. You need to back yourself. We all have bad days in and out of the gym. Knowing how to get back on the horse consistently is what separates the athletes from the rest of us.

I’ve got a thousand weaknesses and one hundred mobility issues and its never going to come together. Not with that attitude it won’t! Pick one and only one and start on it now. What’s holding you back? You are, so get back on that horse and prove to yourself and everyone else that you can and you will.


– Stop thinking about it and go be about it.

Matthias Turner

I have a love for health and fitness, music and laughter as well as a deep passion to help people. Follow more great advice from Matty on Instagram.