#227 – Feminine Rising with Jen Cauchi

In this week episode, Stacey speaks with Jen of Blūm Organics to talk all things woman power.


Jen is a passionate and caring individual on a mission to support women by sharing her beautiful aura mists and bath soaks in an attempt to help them improve their self care routine, deepen their sense of self and anchor back into what’s important when life feels a little crazy.


There is a focus around fertility and the phases of motherhood: from preconception through to postpartum, because these experiences guided Jen to where she is now and to the creation of Blūm Organics but there are potent messages in this episode for everyone, all genders and parents and non parents alike.


In order to bloom, a flower needs nourishment from a number of areas. If it is not fully nourished, it won’t fully thrive – humans are the same and self care should be part of that nourishment ritual.


From Jen’s website:

“Just as in nature when a plant is depleted it will not bloom into a flower, it will conserve its energy for a more suitable time. We are not separate from nature, we are a synergistic part of it. Only when a woman is thriving and at her most optimal health can she radiate wellness.”


Tune in to learn more about Jen’s journey and her amazing product range.


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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero