Digging Deep

What is digging deep?

One of the most underestimated tools that we have all been told about over and over again is to ‘Dig Deep’. You would have heard the instructions “Dig Deep” most likely at school from a sports coach or PE teacher.

You would have heard this especially when you were tired and looking to take a break from the activity you were participating. Subtly your coach or the person who was telling you to ‘Dig Deep’ was looking out for you and wanted you to do your best and not give up.

So what actually is digging deep?

Digging deep is actually an opportunity to learn and develop mentally or physically. Digging deep is that little situation where you have reached a position where you think you are at your limit. Digging deep is that lid that we all put on top of the little pot we are sitting in that doesn’t let us climb out. .

Here is an example. I know I can run 1.9km (and I mean run), but as soon as I reach that mark I cannot reach the 2km distance without walking that last little bit. This is the lid I have placed on top of my running ability. No matter what my body is actually capable of, if my mind has subconsciously or consciously put a limit onto it, I most likely am not going to get past that limit without ‘Digging Deep’.

These limits are normally placed on us through repetitive commands, adverts, teachers, society, friends and so on, through out our lives. As soon as your mind accepts that command or belief, then that limit is set into your brain and will be displayed through your behaviours.

So ask yourself have you got any limits on your physical goals? Maybe you have put limits on your financial earning capability! A very big limit many people subconsciously put on themselves is the ability to love. If you don’t learn to love yourself, in a non conceited way of course, you are most likely not going to be able to love someone else enough to have a successful relationship with them.

How can you use digging deep to better yourself?

When you are in a situation, for example the 2km-running race and you hit your limit at the 1,9km distance you have the opportunity to challenge your limits. Without hurting yourself, if you challenged yourself to run past the 1,9km distance you give your body and mind a chance to learn that there is a new lid. Your mind and body will adapt and place a new lid or limit to what you can achieve. This theory works for all and every limit you have placed in your life.

Once you start playing around with ‘Digging Deep’, you will soon learn that limits can become limitless. Start small and find easy limits to practice breaking. With lots of small wins under your belt, before you know it you will be breaking much bigger ones. Of course if you are happy with your current limits then there is no need to change. But be warned, change creates growth, intelligence and skill, so would you not be curious to try it out J

Challenge yourself! Ask yourself what limits you have set on your life. Make it a challenge, make it a game and make it fun.


Life is about being happy and having fun.

So Dig Deep!

Rudd Rayns

My passion is to learn from and teach people the ‘Why/How Factors’ to get them to be the best versions of themselves. Follow more great advice from Rudd here.