I was a 2 carton a week drinker whilst still doing CrossFit every day, I was going nowhere with my training, weight loss, sleep and general health. I’ve not slept better since my 20s, I couldn’t imagine you can actually sleep that well haha, I went 8 weeks with touching a drop of alcohol, my training is next level, Handstand Push-ups, rope climbs are actually enjoyable.


I was contracted with the QLD Bulls Cricket Team from 1999-2007 and attended the AIS for cricket in 1999 and 2000 I can honestly say I’m more proud of what I achieved and learnt in the last 8 weeks than anything I did playing cricket, I’ve completely overhauled my life and I did this on my own, I learnt to cook, use a slow cooker, meal prep, make healthy slices. I can’t thank you personally enough, your company and Gav and Jo at Chaalk Box.

  • Started at CrossFit Boss 4 and a half years ago and starting weight was 138kgs with a waist measurement of 131cm, current weight is 115 and the waist is 106cm
  • Medicated for high blood pressure for the past 5 years and after the challenge was told by my doctor I was “normal” with the best and most consistent my blood pressure has been even while medicated. Currently not on medication.
  • My GGT result in my liver blood test dropped from 72 down to 24, the main reason your GGT is high is due to large and consistent alcohol consumption.









Matthias Turner

I have a love for health and fitness, music and laughter as well as a deep passion to help people. Follow more great advice from Matty on Instagram.