Catching Up With The Members – Joel Hudson

Catching Up With The Members – Joel Hudson

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 Question 1: Where do you train and how long have you been training for? 

My Wife and I own And run CrossFit Never Say Never and NSN Powerlifting. All my training gets done there. I have been doing CrossFit for 4 years and started Powerlifting in Feb 2015. I played baseball before CrossFit days and also long distance Triathlon. 

Question 2: what are your all time personal records for squat, deadlift and bench press and when did you achieve them? 

My competition Personal bests are 

Squat 180 – Oct 2015

Bench 102.5 – Aug 2015

Deadlift 215 – Oct 2015

Question 3: How long have you been on the Chief Life meal plan for and do you find it satisfying?  

2 weeks and have dropped cm off my stomach and lost 5kg. I struggled to get all the food in at first. I’m really enjoying the food and so are the rest of my family. 

Question 4: What are your goals going into your next meet? 

I plan on dropping down a weight category and qualifying for nationals.. I only have 5kg to go.

Question 5: Power lifting is a strength sport and at times the belief of more size equals more strength. Have you found this to be true to yourself? 

Not true to me, Last weekend I was 4kg under what I’ve ever competed at and had an equal Best Total. 

Question 6: Have you found you have dropped strength after having dropped weight through our meal plans?

No I have maintained all of my strength. Added some weight to my squat. I feel great.


Picture: Joel’s resting heart rate difference over the first 3 weeks of following The Chief Life Meal Plans

Joel is obviously already a hard working individual. It just goes to show how much more potential the body has to offer when its being fueled correctly. If you’re a hard working athlete you’d be stupid not to dial in your nutrition.

Joel’s house recently burnt down and his family has been house sharing with some friends. Balancing the kitchen duties and preparing food hasn’t been easy for them during this time but it hasn’t stopped him. If you’re dedicated to the cause you’ll make it happen.

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