Getting my nutrition on track was always something I had wanted to do, but I put it in the “one day” bucket. After listening to the chief life podcast for the last 12months & coming to know what Stace & Matty were about I decided it was time for “one day”. I’ve just finished my first 6 weeks of chiefing……and I’m feeling amazing! I always ate relatively well, but I knew I under ate & really struggled energetically. After choosing a program that would improve my energy levels, I’m sleeping better, have more energy for training & don’t find myself slumping towards the end of the day or week with that tired feeling! I found the program really easy to get used to, and the meals were simple to prepare & tasted amazing. Although my physical changes were not drastic, it was nice that people started to notice little changes in my body. But the biggest change has without a doubt been on the inside & also my mindset towards choosing better food options for myself.