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The Chief Life was born out of a desire to reach, educate and inspire a greater number of people than those we coached and worked with in our own local community. It gives us the chance to connect with individuals from all over the world and in a form that still personalises the approach to bring each person what they need for their nutrition at that point in time.


Stacey Turner (Stace)


My desire to learn more about nutrition started at a very early age. I have always loved cooking and when I was little, I wanted to be a chef. Whilst I was growing up, my dad often got sick with his type 1 diabetes, which drove me to want to find out more about food as a medicine and how I could work to help people like my dad to get improved health from the food they chose to eat.

In the process of studying Nutrition at Sydney uni, I found that there was a need to deepen my knowledge and understanding of movement and training as well. I have always had a passion for movement, having been a ballerina from the age of 2, and so it made sense to me to have food and movement go hand in hand.
I achieved my cert 3 & 4 in fitness, got hired by a CrossFit gym and have spent the last 10 years working with all kinds of wonderful individuals to empower them to eat and move in a way that allows them to be the best version of themselves they can be. During that time, I have also come up against a number of health issues (coeliac disease, adrenal fatigue, gut health issues, MTHFR gene mutation, under active thyroid) that I have worked my way through and using The Chief Life philosophy, I have been able to still experience a full and happy life.

You can too and I can’t wait to work with you to help you experience your most optimum level of health and wellbeing.

+ Dietitian/Nutritionist [BSc majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics, completed with First Class Honours] since 2009

+ Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and Personal Training since 2009

+ Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) Level 1 (State) Coach

+ Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) Level 1 Coach

+ Other Specialty course including: CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, Olympic Weightlifting, Field Sport Strength & Conditioning, Mobility, Kids, Gymnastics, Competitor, Boxing, Kettlebells



I have a love for health and fitness, music and laughter as well as a deep passion to help people. I am driven by our community’s results and living up to The Chief Life standard keeps me accountable every day. I am a keen CrossFitter, having been fairly competitive for a few years now, and been within the health and fitness realm for the last 10 years.

Things have never come easy for me, so I’ve always had to work at it – whether it be nutrition or training, and so I feel that helps me to be a better coach and be able to connect with others better because I’ve experienced the struggles and come out the other side, better for it. I’m looking forward to having you join and tribe and being able to help you too.

+ Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and Personal Training since 2009

+ Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF)
Level 1 (State) Coach

+ Other Specialty course including:
CrossFit L3 Trainer, Olympic Weightlifting, Field Sport Strength & Conditioning, Mobility, Kids, Gymnastics, Competitor, Boxing



My health and fitness journey began in 2012 and although I am still a work in progress I am learning more every day and want to educate others as much as I can.

+ Precision Nutrition Certified

+ CrossFit Level 1

+ Crossfit Kids

+ Cert 3 and 4 in fitness and personal training

+ Currently studying Bachelor of Science Food and Nutrition (Final Year)

+ Mother of twins

+ Gut health enthusiast



My career in the Fitness Industry which began in 1994, I have been a Gym Instructor, Club Manager, Regional Manager Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.  Many parts of this have been rewarding and currently the offering of Nutrition Coaching as part of Personal Training is the most rewarding.
My own life as an athlete was mainly in Rugby Union and Cricket in the UK and then in Triathlon in the UK and Australia.  I’ve competed in over 35 races including 3 full Ironman events.

+ Precision Nutrition Level 1

+ Advanced Power Training

+ Client Assessment, Biomechanics and Metabolism

+ Explosive Lifting and Advanced Strength Training

+ Rehab Trainer Course

+ Pool Plant Operators Course



My journey into the Health and fitness industry has been eventful and life changing. From a school age I was blessed with the opportunity to play representative level for tennis, squash, rugby and kick-boxing, which furthered my interest in becoming a better version of myself. Extensive travel and work, specifically in New York, London and now Sydney has exposed me to many different people and life lessons. My passion is to learn from and teach people the ‘Why/How Factors’ to get them to be the best versions of themselves.

+ BEd (Major) Sports Sci./ Pn1 – Nutrition Coach

+ Teacher/Educator (BEd majoring in Sports Science) completed in 2007

+ Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and Personal Training since 2011

+ Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition Pn1) completed 2016

+ Other Specialty Courses including: TRE (trauma release exercises), NRL Touch football coach



After suffering from multiple auto immune diseases and gynaecological symptoms for most of my adolescent life combined with a highly stressful training schedule and little down time, I eventually crashed and burned….. It was then that I decided to look into the power of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness practices to help restore my body back to health.

This is where I found my passion! Working with people on a holistic level to balance hormones, improve mood, manage weight all whilst educating people on the benefits of a balanced whole foods diet.

Being a Mother I needed to lead by example and this is the best way I know how!

My credentials include:

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics

Precision Nutrition Level 1 certificate in Excercise Nutrition

Massage Therapist

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