3 Steps To Becoming A Better Chief

3 Steps To Becoming A Better Chief

To gain ‘Chief Status’ of any kind you need to be the best version of yourself that you can be for that position. The chief executive of a company has to lead from the front, showing initiative, being wise and smart, with business direction and delegation to succeed. The chief of a tribe was commonly the strongest, wisest and best provider. They would make calls on behalf of the tribe, that were of course in the best interest of the tribe.


We believe every person can become a chief or achieve Chief Status through being the best version of themselves. The question is who do you have to be to become a chief? Before you can achieve this status here are 3 tips to help set you up for ultimate success.


It’s commonly seen that we have a self sabotage mechanism that comes in the form of assumptions. What assumptions do you have about yourself that may be holding you back? This is commonly talked about as the angel and the devil on your shoulders, overlooking everything you do day to day and expressing whether you can or cannot do something. The devil, is usually in charge of the assumptions you have on yourself. It’s important to break passed this devil and get to the bottom of the assumptions you have about yourself so you can change your attitude about them.


Common assumptions around food, healthy eating and exercise would be; “I’m fat and I always will be, I don’t have time, It’s too hard, I don’t know what to do, I just don’t get results, my parents and my grandparents are fat so I’m going to be as well, I’m just big boned”… See how these are all negative assumptions based around yourself or your results. Once you have found your assumption your need to overpower it by saying the opposite of it. “I’m fat and I always will be” will become “I’m not at my ideal weight yet, however I know I can achieve my ideal body composition with the effort I’m willing to put in”.


By bringing your assumptions to the surface and overcoming them with a powerful override (the opposite) you can and will overcome what may have been holding you back for all of these years.


Finding your why is a powerful way to overcome any objections you may have for that day. Procrastination is easy especially when you don’t know your why. You know you should be something but you don’t have that driving force behind you to kick you up the ass like you need.


The seven levels of why is the perfect way to discover your why. You can either work through this with a partner (someone you trust) or on a blank notepad or paper. How it works is that you must ask why 7 times, and give the real answers. No surface level BS.


The first question you asking is why are you reading this article? The answer maybe as simple as “because I want to be better”. The second question would then be a statement of summary followed by the next why. Such as; “I know you’re reading this article because you want to be better, but why do you want to be better”


You follow this step 7 times. It’s said that it takes 5-6 why’s deep before you get out of your head and move to your heart for the real reasons you’re doing what you do. This WHY should be so powerful that when you say it, it lights a fire in your heart. It excites the hell out of you or creates so much emotional turmoil that it drives you like crazy cause you don’t want to go back to an old version of you.


Once you’ve found your WHY, it’ll drive you like never before. On a day you might have previously chosen the easy way out or maybe hindered the best version of you, you will now use your why to get motivated and to move your ass off the couch, metaphorically speaking.


Now that you have overcome any assumptions you have as well as figured out your most desired WHY, the last step to take is ACTION. What action do you need to take to be the better version of you? How will you achieve a ‘Chief Status’? You have to lead by example to be a Chief. You need to be the wisest, strongest version of you. What things in your life do you need to start doing? And, what things in your life do you need to stop doing? Write a dot point list down now!


It’s not expected that you will change your whole life around in a day, now that you have taken these first two steps, however, it is expected that you have a bit more clarity around who you need to be. This action needs to start today. People are creatures of habit and can react badly to too much change. Be smart with implementing your change. One new thing per week, or if you’re super eager per day. By using your dot points you can make an action plan to attach one start doing, and one stop doing per week/day depending on how quickly you want to implement the changes.


3 Steps

  • Figure out assumptions and overcome them with a powerful opposite statement;
  • Work through the 7 levels of why to find out your WHY;
  • Write a list of start doing and stop doing dot points. Create a plan to approach and implement over time. Take action and be the person you need to be to become a better CHIEF!
Matthias Turner

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