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#223 – How to make your business Thrive During COVID-19 with Marco Robert

This week Host Matty is joined by International motivational speaker, business coach and board adviser Marco Robert to talk all about conducting business in this current pandemic (COVID-19).


Marco had his first big success in business in his 20’s. By the age of 29 he had sold his business and semi-retired! Wired for more Marco started consulting and advising which then lead to motivational speaking all over the world!


Whilst no one in our lifetime has ever been through a pandemic like this Marco is able to give some great advice around how businesses should be moving forward right now. He introduces the 3 C’s:

  • Cut costs
  • Communicate
  • Cash flow


He gives a lot of advice for gym owners and he even explains what he would be doing if he started a new business in 2020! 


Marco explains that it is a time to let go of your ego and get by with whatever work you can in this current time! Deliver food, clean houses, mow lawns… Do what you have to for survival!


Most of all Marco touches on how important connection is at this current time. Anyone you can help/look after in business will remember and be loyal to you!


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