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#222 – Sleep Vs COVID-19 with Dr Michael Breus

This week we have returning guest Dr Michael Breus – The Sleep Doctor on to talk in depth about sleep and what we should be doing with our sleep in current times to fight the current pandemic that’s hit the world! 


It’s worthwhile noting that this podcast isn’t only relative to right now while the pandemic is in full swing but always relative for optimal health! 


Now sleep is the topic but MELATONIN is the hormone that gets a lot of talk in this podcast episode! Melatonin is a sleep regulator and an anti-oxidant. We naturally produce melatonin in the body however, you can also supplement with melatonin! We talk about both natural and synthetic forms of melatonin.


Dr Breus gives his top 5 tips for Sleeping better while the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us. He also explains how to transition your night terrors/night mares as well as what you should do with your sleep if you do contract the virus! 

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Finally we dive into how Melatonin is being used in many studies right now to fight/act against COVID-19. Although it’s dense and unclear as a lot of the studies have only been performed in animal studies so far, the science definitely is strong enough that we can question if Melatonin can help protect against COVID-19:


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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero