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#220 – Building an immune system to fend off Covid-19 – Gym webinar edition with Matty

This weeks episode is a snippet from the webinar series The Chief Life have released to help gym owners with online content to help provide added value for their members during these unprecedented times!


The webinar/online workshop series is 8 weeks of live recordings of a mixed bag of educational lifestyle videos to help improve and better the users life whilst in isolation!

The 8 workshop/webinars are: 

– Building an immune system to fend off Covid-19
– Yoga (live class)
– Nutrition Basics
– Exploring meditation (live class)
– Sleep
– Working out your Macros
– Breath workshop (live class)
– Stress Mitigation 


Reach out to Matty directly on or purchase for your gym via this link:


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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero