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#217 – Blue Light Studies and the Real Power of Melatonin with Andy Mant

This week host Matty is joined by Andy Mant the director of BLUblox (our favourite blue light blocking glasses company) to talk all about the recent studies on blue light and the affects it has on the human body! The boys also dive into what melatonin actually does in the body and why it’s so important to ensure we have proper production levels in the body!


Topics covered in this podcast:

  • How to know if your blue blocking glasses are actually working?
  • Why and how is Blue light making humans sick
  • What is melatonin used for in the body apart from sleep?
  • Melanoma’s and the truth about the sun
  • What time a mother expresses milk will have an affect on her baby’s sleep
  • How disrupted circadian rhythm impacts fertility and reproductive health   


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