#215 – The Truth About Adrenaline with Dr Michael Platt

This week Matty is joined by Dr. Michael Platt! They dive deep into the work of Dr. Michael and quickly uncover his beliefs and anecdotal proof behind adrenaline and how it responds in the body! 


Dr. Michael works with everyone from babies with coeliac, people with ADD or ADHD, clients suffering from IBS, people who are highly stressed, who aren’t sleeping well and many more. 


One of Dr. Micahel’s biggest tools of use is progesterone cream as it blocks the adrenal glands and stop too much uptake of adrenaline. He explains how when people have too much adrenaline uptake their body and mind are pulled in too many directions and find it hard to focus/perform. After applying 5% progesterone cream he has literally reversed ADHD within 24 hours. 


Dr. Michael and Matty dive deep down the rabbit whole with adrenals and how to best counter them via diet, lifestyle and medical intervention! 


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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero