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#211 – Cellular Detox – What You’re Missing with Dr Daniel Pompa

This week host Matty (@mattyafter) is joined by Dr Daniel Pompa. Dr Pompa runs drpompa.com and is the author of “Beyond Fasting”. Dr Dan was forced to find answers when he got heavily sick in the ’90s. Through his research, he found that the incorrect removal of fillings in his body created an absolute whirlwind of destruction through mercury poisoning (heavy metal poisoning). He had to go through a complete cellular detox to finally get back to better health!


Dr Dan had to develop a method to detox his body of heavy metals and hidden infections. Once he realised how well this cellular detox worked. He was able to help thousands of others around the world to aid themselves from these unexplainable sicknesses.


Dr Pompa has seen massive results through fasting. His book is a step by step guide which takes you through becoming fat adapted. And also how-to fast correctly so you’re able to get the real benefits from cellular autophagy.


This podcast has so much insight and so many simple things you can do to improve your life!


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