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#208 – Consistency with Matthias Turner

This week host Matty (@mattyafter) puts the hammer down as he talks about consistency. He urges you to take a look at the things you are consistently doing in your day to day life that aren’t serving you. Matty challenges you to do the things that would move you closer to your goals consistently.


Consistency is a force of action. It takes a consistent pursuit to achieve most things in life. Matty points out that your health and fitness goals are no different. He dives into how changing your daily routines to better match the desired goals, the people around you, locations or situations your in and how they trigger you. What are the negative triggers that spiral you downwards? As well as a look into your common downfalls – the things that may easily through you off track and how you can counteract them.


For anyone looking to make a change, this podcast delivers some harsh realities that might just be what you need to hear to pick your act up and make shit happen.


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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero